TreeTrumpet – Trumpet Your Genealogy To The World

What Is TreeTrumpet?

TreeTrumpet is genealogy software that you put on your own website, and which only displays YOUR ancestors. It is made for genealogists who use desktop genealogy software and who want an easy way to share the valuable information they have collected with the world.
TreeTrumpet takes a GEDCOM file and automatically generates helpful pages such as a pedigree tree view, a map showing Ancestors birth places, and individual ancestor information pages. The pages TreeTrumpet creates are both useful to humans and search-engine friendly. That means that search engines will be more likely to send visitors to your site, and those visitors will find something useful.

TreeTrumpet is for people who

  • Want their own genealogy website
  • Record their research in a desktop genealogy program (or can somehow make a GEDCOM file)
  • Don’t need online editing abilities

What Features Does It Have?

TreeTrumpet includes:

  • An interactive pedigree tree
  • An interactive map of where your ancestors lived
  • A filterable, sortable list of all your ancestors
  • Individual detail pages for each ancestor (with multimedia support)
  • Family detail pages for each family
  • A contact page with optional email contact form
  • GEDCOM file download
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social media sharing buttons (Google+, Facebook, Twitter)

TreeTrumpet is a work in progress, and lots of fun features are being planned. If there’s a feature that you’d like to see soon, let us know!

Is It Difficult To Use?

Simplicity is one of TreeTrumpet’s primary goals. You don’t have to set up a database. There are no user accounts. There’s not even a required configuration file (some optional settings are available, if you want to tinker).

You need to be able to upload files to your own web server, that’s it. To add data to your website you upload a GEDCOM file (and any multimedia files). There’s no re-entering, no complicated import process. If it’s not simple, then we’ve done something wrong.

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