TreeTrumpet v0.1.2 Released

Lots of little good stuff fixed while working on the 0.2 branch, including:

  • Clicking a name on the tree page re-focuses the tree on that person
  • Better source handling
  • Better support for images
  • Individual source pages
  • Requested URL Caching
  • SQLite caching for GEDCOM file

Download TreeTrumpet v0.1.2 here!

The 0.2 branch is slowly progressing. With these fixes complete we’re in good shape to start adding the new features for 0.2. Stay tuned!

TreeTrumpet 0.2 Plans

TreeTrumpet 0.1 has received a small but good response, and I’ve started on work for TreeTrumpet version 0.2.

Here are the features I will be working on, with a target release date of New Years Day.

  • SQLite based caching so we can handle large files
  • Themeable (Both theme and code!)
  • Mobile Support
  • Timeline View
  • Translation of GEDCOM tags into real language (BIRT –> Birth)
    • Note: This will also lay the groundwork for internationalization
  • Name clouds

Lots of backend stuff, but the Timeline and Name Cloud features should bring at least something fun.

On the SQLite caching front here’s some output I just got while doing some testing on a GEDCOM file with 24500 records (a record is any 0-level GEDCOM object. A person, a family, a note, a source, etc.)

Memory used when using SQLite caching backend for parsing (bytes): 7724976 (7.4 Megabytes)

Memory used when using regular parsing (bytes): 240158720 (229 Megabytes)

Both the existing parser and the SQLite parser took 52 seconds to parse the GEDCOM file, BUT, the SQLite parser only used 7.4 Megabytes! Even better, on subsequent page loads it won’t need to parse the GEDCOM file again!

So, good stuff is coming. If you are interested, grab the code and pitch in!