TreeTrumpet v0.1.1 Released

As soon as a few people tried using version 0.1 several issues came to light. I fixed those issues and here it as a version 0.1.1.

Issues fixed:

  1. Submitter fields (SUBM) are not required in the GEDCOM anymore. GEDCOMs downloaded from Ancestry don’t always have the SUBM information
  2. (Technical issue) A few top-level PHP files didn’t load index.php as they should have. That was a regression because I’m sure I had it all working at one point.
  3. The First Run page (which appears when no family.ged file exists) had slightly incorrect information about setting up the email contact form.
  4. Errors raised by the GEDCOM parsing library would prevent some JSON return values calls from being parsed correctly. Errors are now surpressed unless the config flag debug_mode is set to ‘1’.



TreeTrumpet Version 0.1 has been released!

Hot off the press, get it now! This link will always be good for the Latest Stable Version of TreeTrumpet.

The final list of features that made it into version 0.1 are:

  • Easy install
  • Easy updating
  • No required configuration (and simple optional configuration, if desired)
  • Interactive tree view
  • Interactive map view
  • Filterable table view of all ancestors
  • Separate pages for each individual and family
  • Contact form with optional support for email
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Social media sharing buttons
  • Multimedia support
  • GEDCOM download

It’s not everything I’d like it to be, but I’m very happy with the features for a first release. I think there’s enough there to be a respectable genealogy website.

Expect more blog posts in coming days as I add some infrastructure like a mailing list, more detailed setup instructions, and a roadmap for future versions of TreeTrumpet.

Multimedia Support Ready, Start on being Search-Engine Ready

Photo, Video, Audio and Other Document Support

Multimedia support is all coded. Photos are shown as thumbnails with a link to the full resolution image, video and audio files are put in appropriate HTML5 audio and video players. Other documents are linked to.

There is support for absolute and relative paths, though absolute paths requires a configuration file edit.

Headed Towards Search Engine Ready

We’re headed towards being search engine ready. XML Sitemaps and robots.txt files are being generated and the sitemap is submitted to Bing and Google when updates are detected.

I have been fixed some titles to be more informative to search engines (and users!), and I’ve got a list of things to get fixed up in regards to SEO before version 0.1 gets released Saturday night.

Version 0.1 Will Be Released Saturday Night!

Here it comes! I had a goal of getting this released by the end of August and that’s this coming Saturday. I feel like I’ve done a fairly good job of putting off non-essential issues and managing the workload, so yay me, I guess!

The remaining tasks before a version 0.1 release are

  • SEO work
  • Cleaning up the landing page
  • Writing some solid documentation.

See you then!