Possible Design — Round 1

An old friend of mine, and graphic designer, has agreed to do some some work on making TreeTrumpet look good. He said he’d get to it this weekend, but 5 minutes later this showed up in my inbox.

I have no idea if this is the final direction he’ll end up going but it looks like good things are coming our way.

5 minute mockup

5 minute mockup

TreeTrumpet is a very easy way to get your family history online. It is simple to install, configuration is optional, and all you need to do is upload a GEDCOM file to update it.

TreeTrumpet will* make your genealogy look good and attract visitors who are looking for your shared ancestors — visitors you will be able to able to collaborate with.


Status Update, July 5, 2013

Here’s a progress update for the last week.

A TreeTrumpet Website

There’s a website now. It’s not fancy yet, but it’s a start. Screenshots, how-tos and other stuff is coming soon.

Build Script Improvements

The build script is still just a bash script, but it’s got some improvements now. It doesn’t overwrite the sqlite geocoding cache anymore.

Config File Changes

A bunch of config file issues have been sorted out for now. The problem I was having with config files was how to make them un-readable to site visitors without .htaccess. If the file is named config.ini then users can just request it, and then they have your gmail password.

I thought I could get around that by using an .ini file with the file extention .php, and just have the script exit if it’s being served as PHP. Unfortunately PHP’s parse_ini_file function will just return false if the .ini file doesn’t end with the file extention .ini.

I ended up just parsing the file manually with a little bit of regex.

Start on Time Line Page

I started work on the time line page. Eventually it will show a timeline similar to the ones here, probably using that jQuery plugin. The timeline is a little lower priority than some of the other things I want to do to get a 0.1 beta release, but I was on the bus without internet access, so I had a little time to start work on it.

Graphic Design Work Gearing Up

I have reached out to some graphic designers to ask for help making TreeTrumpet look good. A couple of people have expressed interest at taking a shot at it, and one may have some mockups as early as next week.

Release Goals

My plan is to have an alpha out for release at the end of the month, and a beta release out by the end of August. You’re welcome to try out the developer builds at any time of course, so if you’re intrigued, then have at it!