TreeTrumpet needs to be uploaded to a web server which supports PHP 5.3 or higher. I personally use, but any web hosting which supports PHP should work just as well. Your hosting provider will have instructions for uploading files, either through the browser, or through FTP.

Unzip and upload everything inside up to your server. That’s all there is to the install.

Adding Your Family

Export a GEDCOM file from your genealogy program and name it family.ged. Upload it to the webserver. To update the site, simply upload a new file named family.ged.

Configuration (Optional)

If you want people to be able contact you by email, or if you want to disable certain pages, copy config.php.example to be named config.php and edit the values inside. Upload it to the web server.


For help, to report bugs in the software, or to request new features please use the issue tracker on GitHub.

If you do not have a GitHub account, please email me at Do not email or post any login or account information for you web hosting!

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